Mercedes E-class

Mercedes E-class sedan is trying to be everything for everybody-luxury-car-buyers, and it succeeds. True to its heritage, it is a silky smooth cruiser.

The E-class saloon, the adaptive suspension allows it to gobble up highway miles with ease in its comfort setting, and both of its powerful engines – a turbocharged four-cylinder and a V6, have enough power to go around. Turn the dial to its sportiest mode, however, and the E-class and hold their own on narrow twisty roads. This is a car you’ll want to drive, or perhaps better – to be driven.

Thanks to a strong dose of active safety features, the revised E-class, virtually drive itself. Who needs a chauffeur when their four-door you can change lanes for you, limit you in the right speed, and steer itself on the highway? Admittedly, the E-class ” autonomy is limited to short stints in time (with the hands always on the wheel), but these between games in the journey is a welcome respite if you have a Los Angeles-how to commute.

The E-class is a technical tour de force, in a different manner. Standard features include a huge 12.3-inch infotainment screen, satellite navigation, voice control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This high-tech equipment adds to an already luxuriously designed and detailed cabin. With so much technology and sophistication, the E-class really feels like a scaled down S-class.

It is not bells and whistles, everything. 2017 E-class sedan receives some of the best predicted reliability of the ratings in its class, and all the active safety features help the E-class deserve to have a great security score.

Now in the tenth generation, the all-new 2017 E-class sedan is a rising star in the luxury mid-size sedan class, setting the stage for his siblings to follow. 2017 E-class coupe and convertible models will soldier on relatively unchanged from 2016. Your complete redesign is planned for 2018. While these models are still built impressive good and comfortable highway cruiser, you are missing some of the new gadgets and style, which has added to the Limousine, to his repertoire.

Should I Buy the Mercedes-Benz E-Class?

2017 E-class saloon can be expensive – it starts at $52,150, but no other luxury mid-size sedan fits the scope of its functions, the behavioral attitudes of its well-balanced ride, or the refinement and the comfort of its cut cabin. Certainly, the E-class Limousine is an expensive car, but more importantly, it feels like a and made up to this price.

Its disadvantages are few and far between, but if you are looking to breeze by every gas station you pass, think again. The diesel engine found in the last year, the E-class model is no longer available, which means that the greenest 2017 E-class gets 22 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. Good, not great. Another point to sour the trunk is, you don’t know much of him – a mere 13.1 cubic feet.

To cross if these concerns, and even if you are not, you might want to store some of the E-class sedan competitors, including the Audi A6 ($47,600), Cadillac CTS ($45,560), Volvo S90 ($46,950), and Genesis G80 ($41,400). Each is a few thousand dollars less than the standard E-class sedan. The A6 and the CTS are the sportier, two of these options, so if you are looking for a thrilling ride, these are good bets. The S90 and G80 fit the bill as a refined, elegant cruiser, to be both exceptionally well-equipped. The G80 is wearing even a long 10-year/100, 000-mile warranty.

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