Elon Musk Announced Development Of Amphibian Vehicle

The head of Tesla Elon Musk announced the company’s readiness to produce an amphibian car based on the car from the movie about the British superspy James Bond. 

This statement was made by the entrepreneur on Tuesday at the annual meeting of shareholders in Mountain View. When answering a question from one of the participants about whether the company ever plans to create an amphibian vehicle, Musk said:  “It’s funny you ask about this. We did develop a submarine car like the one shown in the movie about the British spy.

“If you increase it a little bit you can really get a submarine-car. This is possible from the technical point of view,” Musk said, noting that this kind of transport can only count on a small market share. In addition, the head of Tesla admitted that the development of such a vehicle would require considerable effort. “Maybe someday we will make a show sample; it would be quite funny,” he concluded.

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