Hyundai Group To Develop A New Electric Car Platform

Hyundai group is planning to come up with a new platform in the next two years which will spawn the upcoming electric cars of Hyundai, Kia Motors and Genesis. According to global news reports, the Korean carmaker is designing a new platform from the scratch which will focus on underpinning the B and C segment cars. At present, all the electric cars of the Hyundai group such as the Niro and Kona EV are based on their respective conventional models.

Speculating a higher demand for electric vehicles in future, Hyundai and Kia are planning to include 38 electric or electrified cars across their portfolio by 2025 and 14 of them will be fully electric. Hyundai in the meantime will also work on the fuel-cell vehicles such as the Nexo. Design has been one of the key strengths of Hyundai and the key focus of the engineers at the firm will be to make electric cars appealing and more acceptable. Somewhat similar to the cars we have today.

Hyundai, Kia and Genesis will, of course, use the platform to develop their own models. While cross-badging within the group will be very much prevalent, all models are likely to be more bespoke than what we are used to seeing in the current models of the group.


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