Ford Ranger 2019

What are the best cars coming in 2019 year?

Are you expecting a revolution of electric cars? Or the appearance of alternative types of engines on the mart? Whose bodywork designs will be proposed by the leading luxury cars manufacturing? The latest news from the world of automobile leaders.

If you’re planning to buy a best new car this article will help you find the gen you need. Among the anticipated novelties cars almost no budget cars but there will be plenty of SUVs and crossovers. That’s a statement to the whole world that there is even more to surprise and delight lovers of off-road driving. As well just funs of the really powerful and reliable cars.

Mercedes new flagship SUV

Let’s start with long-awaited release of Mercedes new flagship 2019 SUV. This car will displace the current outdated GL-class with a completely new architecture. The car has new raised radiator grille that protrudes forward. Stylish SUV with an elongated hood, athletic wheel arches and an elegant window sill. The salon will inherit the features of the s-class. The novelty has received almost three-meter wheel base and due to a new platform it became much easier. What interesting reducing the weigh the engineers have achieved a reduction in fuel consumption. Well for the lovers of the brand are open all the roads, soon it will be on sale. Also bundle promises:

  • Nine-speed gear box;
  • All-wheel drive 4matic;
  • Lowered range of transmission;
  • A 24 cm increase in ground clearance;
  • Three locks of differentials.

Mercedes 0GLS less 2-19

Land Rover Defender

In 2019 we are expecting the presentation of a new Land Rover defender. This thorough restyling from Jaguar Land Rover has been waiting for a long time. In the exterior will remain frameless aluminum platform for the entire modern model line of the manufacturer. Hence the size of the classic Rover will not be much different. The front bumper has a special shape appropriate for off-road driving or for easy crossing of deep ford. It’s known that the novelty will be presented in several types of body:

  • 3-door with an enlarged wheelbase;
  • 5-door with a shorter wheelbase;
  • 2-door with a shorted wheelbase;

The main feature of the model is the lightweight body. Independent suspension with steel springs will have a significant margin and long age even with frequent movement in harsh conditions. Specifications of the model:

  • Transfer case with lowering;
  • Independent spring suspension;
  • Motors of the new Ingenium family;
  • Wide choice of gearbox.

Land Rover Defender 2019

Jeep Grand Wagoneer 2019

This impressive monster with a history will have to compete with the Rover and the corresponding versions of Mercedes. This isn’t the cheapest model but the power and reliability of this car are worth it. The choice of the base for the Grand Wagoneer is very exotic – this is the basis of the RAM1500 pickup truck and really want to experience it in practice. This model will be much higher and wider than its neighbor in the line of Cherokee. The headlights promise a dot design. The number of segments on the radiator grille should indicate the number of seats in the cabin. The rear lights will look like the front ones and the whole appearance will complete a spectacular dual exhaust pipe. As a basic version produce a seven-seat version in three rows with a traditionally excellent trunk due to an elongated rear end. Specifications of the model:

  • Rear-wheel drive with plug-in hybrid transmission;
  • Motors Hemi produced Chrysler at 6,4 liters or conventional V8 by 5,7 liters and V6 be 3,6 litres;
  • Will be available turbodiesel;
  • Several transmission options.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer 2019

Audi RS Q8

Audi seriously prepare the serial off-road vehicles for mass production which is planned to be installed in 2019. A real fleshy 4-liter V8 biturbo with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Most likely the concept will receive at its disposal about the same power as the engine S8 Plus – the same V8 capable of generating 605 hp and 700 Nm of torque. On the system of all-wheel drive Quattro there is no sense to mention it’s obligatory it goes by default. Up to hundred coupes will accelerate faster than five sec and a maximum of about 300km/h. Outwardly the car has a wide grill, a well-visible front splitter and a trapeze LED headlight.

The serial life of Q8 will begin in 2018. And the RS version is already later: in 2019 or even 2010.

Audi RS Q8

Ford Ranger 2019

Inter new pickups consider Ford Ranger. For the first time the car was seen in 2011, since its appearance almost did not change. Fans have long waited for updates and finally waited. This is the real future pickup truck. The nose part of the novelty turned out to be powerful although it’s similar to its predecessor. Here a massive radiator grille and plastic pads and a “Ford” inscription. On the sides optics with LED filling are also fitted with daytime running lights in the form of a gusset at the bottom. Bumper has a complex design and massive durable plastic lining. They are designed for off-road protection. The hood has almost no relief but is heavily elevated. The arches are so big that even 18-inch wheels with discs seem small. The overall design of the car can be called restrained. A special threshold for a comfortable landing in the salon is also very attractive. On the rear platform you can transport a large cargo without problems.

The car salon is full-rigged options and it will comfortably seat 5 people. All armchairs have an anatomical shape. Seats have sheathed only high-quality genuine leather. In general inside is very comfortable.

Information about the technical equipment of the car is still a secret. It’s known that the novelty will be equipped with a 2-liter turbocharged diesel engine. Power reaches up to 2013 horsepower. Box automatic at 10 speeds. The all-wheel drive comes with a hard-to-switch differential. The car has four modes of movement: gravel, snow, mad, grass.

Ford Ranger 2019

2019 Honda Civic

Among the sedans probably the most expectative model will be Honda Civic. It and consider.

The Honda Civic ‘2019 refresh will differ in front design. Front bumper, lower grille, fog and head optics have changed completely, and the grille in the wing style is now completely black. Also changed the design of branded discs. In general, the silhouette of the car became more rapid and appropriate spirit of the time. Another feature of the novelty will be a complex of active safety Honda Sensing in the standard equipment. The manufacturer also prepared new wheel designs, including the larger 18-inch versions for the Tourig version.

Furthermore, the model acquired a new car kit– Civic Sport. Identities of this version is a black glossy finish at the bottom of the front, on the side, a rear spoiler at the sedan and larger 18-inch wheels. The Sport package has 2-liter VTEC engine paired with a variation with a manual shift function as well as an entertainment system Display Audio with a 7-inch screen supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2019 Honda Civic

In 2019 cars come to a new level they look like cars of the future as from movies, not to mention about technical characteristics.

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